Residents Fleeing Damaturu due Boko Haram Attacks

One week after the explosions and gun attacks that rocked Damaturu, more residents have continued to flee the metropolis to other states and local government areas in the state.
News Agency of Nigeria check on Monday showed that several vehicles loaded with goods and people were moving out of the Yobe State capital to various destinations.
On Monday last week, Damaturu, witnessed multiple explosions and gunfire in which more than 50 people were killed.
Similarly, the Damaturu prisons was attacked on Sunday by gunmen during which some lives were lost and 40 inmates released.
Meanwhile, business activities have been picking up with some shops and business premises opening up, while customers rushed to buy food items and other household needs.
NAN observed that most civil servants did not report to work one week after the attack.
A civil servant, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “The fear and tension are still fresh among the people and that is why everyone is very careful of his movement.
“Even those that were forced to go out to buy some needs were rushing back home for safety, hours before the commencement of the 4.00p.m. curfew.”
Meanwhile, residents of Kaduna metropolis on Monday rushed to the markets and banks to replenish their essential items such as food and cash, NAN reports.
The residents took advantage of the ease on the restriction of movement to make frantic cash withdrawals at ATM machines and purchase essential commodities.
NAN correspondent, who visited the Kaduna Central Market and some banks, reported a mad rush for cash withdrawals and purchases by the residents during the four-hour period.
Mrs. Juliana Tosin, a house wife, told NAN at the vegetable section of the market, that she exhausted her stock a day after the curfew was declared.
“My family was forced to manage life on a one-zero-one ratio of meal per day since Tuesday, June 19, ’’ Tosin said.
Ms Murjanatu Bappa also told NAN that her family was ill-prepared for the unexpected curfew, adding that the family survived on unbalanced diet.
She lamented that the prices of the items had tripled, saying a small basket of potatoes and pepper had risen from N350 to N1,000 each.

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