Dealing With Loneliness

There is really nothing wrong with feeling lonely, everyone gets lonely but it is the way you handle it that

Here are a few pointers:

-Realise that we all get lonely

It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. We’re particularly prone to loneliness when we’re making transitions, especially for the better.

-Notice the difference between loneliness and solitude

Loneliness is when you are unhappy to be alone. Solitude is when you are happy to be alone. You’re not in solitude when you want to be with people.

-Don’t allow yourself to wallow in your loneliness

Do anything to get your mind off it. Take a walk, ride your bike or read a book. Explore activities and hobbies, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

-Keep yourself busy

Having down time is what causes feelings of loneliness to creep in. Throw yourself into work or extracurricular activities.

-Challenge yourself to take the initiative in social relationships.

Don’t wait for people to approach you. You approach people. Ask the person if they want to chat or get a coffee. Remember how much you like it when people are attracted to you

-Do everything you would normally do with a partner or friend

Many times it isn’t the partner or friend you are missing, but the activities and hobbies you shared. Take yourself out for a date!

-Call or get together with the people you know

Even if they aren’t who you want to be with right now, human contact makes establishing more contact easier.


3 thoughts on “Dealing With Loneliness

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  2. You can do so many things to get away from loneliness, but nothing helps until unless you accept it and learn to be happy with yourself when alone . To whatever you cling, if it goes away, you will again be lonely.


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