Director-General, Treasurer Allegedly Absconds With Benue Workers Salaries

Workers at the Makurdi Local Government Secretariat, Benue State, last Friday took to the street on a protest, accusing the Director-General (Services and Administration) and the Treasurer, for allegedly absconding with part of their June salaries.

The visibly angry protesters besieged entrance into the secretariat, holding the two officers hostage for hours. They locked them inside the toilet before the anti-riot police rescued them and restored law and order.

The workers, who carried leaves, chanted war songs and defied appeals by the visitors to calm down. They blocked the main entrance into the secretariat and prevented people from going in and coming out.

The protesters said they were ready to die if they were not paid their June salary as approved by the management.

The Chairman of the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Makurdi Local Government chapter, Mr. Oliver Akpe, who was seen appealing to the workers, said they should be paid their salary before they would resume duty. He called for a probe into the alleged short payment of the June salary.

The Caretaker Committee Chairman in the local government, Mr. Fidelis Audu, who expressed shock at the alleged short payment of the salary, said to the best of his knowledge, “what I approved was meant for all workers’ salary in June.”

He promised to deal with anyone responsible for the alleged short payment.