60 Year Old Widow Who Drives ‘Keke Napep’ For A Living In Jos

Mrs Hannatu Dusu is unlike other women in her age group. She is tough  and agile;  qualities one immediately notices about the elderly woman who has taken to driving Keke Napep, the tricycle mode of commercial transport found in most of our cities today, as her profession.

Her boldness to venture and occupy a highly respectable position in this male dominated profession did not come on a platter of gold; it has been well earned.

Hannatu, who started off as an Okada rider,  exudes a motherly attitude as she happily greets and waves at customers and colleagues alike, calling each and every one of them Yaro na (my son in Hausa language), as she cruises around the ever-conjested streets of Jos, the Tin City, on her tricycle picking or dropping passengers.

Word has since gone round town that there is an elderly woman driving a Keke Napep around Jos metropolis. Most people who have met her say the elderly woman is down to earth and mean business all the time, but behind the no-nonsense school teacher attitude which she exudes, is a kind-hearted grandmother who works tirelessly to provide for her grandchildren.

Hannatu is not only the first woman driving a tricycle on commercial basis in Jos but the almost 60-year-old widow has also earned a decent living from riding Okada for almost 20 years. Nevertheless life as a tricycle driver hasn’t been easy says Hannatu. “Many of these car owners look down on us just the way they did to Okada owners when they were operating.

“I am calling on other women to ignore anybody who tells them their job is not for women, as long as they are capable of doing it. I am so grateful that with my profession I can now offer a bottle of Maltina not even coke” she said.