My Aunty’s Husband Wants To Marry Me, Should I Tell My Aunt?


My Dad’s youngest sister is 39. she just got married last year to an AA guy she met on an online dating site. They got married here in Nigeria, so she has to be in Nigeria for 2 years before gets her green card to join him.

The guy has been to Nigeria a couple of times, but I haven’t met him. He sent me a friend request on facebook, and earlier in the year, he asked my Aunty to give him my bb pin. We started chatting innocently. I call him uncle, and he calls me ‘my sexy niece’ he always try to chat me up every other day. After a while the communication stopped. We didn’t chat for 2 months, but I could care less.

Yesterday, he went on full toasting mode. Telling me his marriage between by Aunty and him is over, and how he’s always been in love with me and want’s to marry me. I was trying to see reasons with him (more out of respect than anything else) why the liaison would never work, because his wife in question is my Aunt, plus I have a boyfriend I love.

He went on to say “Bleep tradition! Bleep family!!! I want you to be here in new york city with me before the end of the year. We’ll get married here and bla bla bla” It was shocking and traumatising.

I’ll never be foolish enough to fall for that crap. But I may just teach him a few lessons never to mess with a naija girl

I really don’t know whether or not to tell my Aunt about this and make it a family issue.