Women Can Vote Us Out In 2015 – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan believes women voters have the capacity to vote out his administration in 2015 and even elect their kind to preside over the affairs of the country.

The President also expressed the hope that Nigeria would soon produce its first set of women service chiefs.

Jonathan, who spoke while declaring open the 7th Summit of African First Ladies Peace Mission in Abuja on July 14, said the governorship election in Edo State had shown that women voters outnumber their men counterparts and could utilise the numerical strength for electoral purposes.

He said, “Women can vote us out come 2015. They can even put a woman as President.

“Our commitment to electoral reforms and justice has ushered in an era where women can deploy their numerical strength to ensure that their preferred candidates win elections at all levels.

“This has been made possible in every instance by our administration commitment to the electoral principle of one man one vote, one woman one vote, and one youth one vote.”

Jonathan said his administration had encouraged women by giving them public appointments such as the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Petroleum of Resources and the Chief Justice of the Federation.

He added that by making provision for the admission of women to the Nigerian Defence Academy as combatants, women could aspire to be service chiefs and even Chief of Defence Staff.

He said, “For the first time, we admitted women to the prestigious NDA to prepare women as full combatants in the Army, Navy and Air force.

“We have admitted women now into NDA and we are hopeful that in few years to come, a woman could be chief of army staff, chief of air staff, chief of naval staff or even chief of defence staff.”

Jonathan said since women have got more than they bargained for, he hopes they would not begin to discriminate against the men.

He said, “They asked for 35 per cent and we have given them 60 per cent. I hope they will not turn out to discriminate against us.”