5 Signs You Are Dating A Real Man

While women often feel objectified and only valued by outer appearances, it seems we ladies are just as guilty as over-romanticizing an ideal man.

It leaves us disappointed and leaves the good men, yes there are real good men, at bay. So if you find a man with all the qualities you’ve ever wanted him in a man, to avoid a rude awakening, expect him to do the following.

A real man…

Gets annoyed. Especially when you want his attention during that football game or when he is playing video games. Come on ladies, you know his video gaming time is precious and you knew all week about that game. That is not the moment to test his devotion to you, in fact, you’re likely to lose his attention to that game, his boys or the video game. If it’s not your thing to sit and watch or play with him, let him have it. He’ll thank you later.

Can’t read your mind. Perhaps superman can try, but if you’re angry and not willing to talk about it, odds are it’ll fly over your man’s head. And if it doesn’t, well, he might shy away from asking you about it. So speak up at the right time. Emotions can be scary but a real man can also face them.

Can change. We focus sometimes on what a real man is not. But people live, learn and grow. That “boy” you despised in grade school could be a real man now. Real men are just that, real, which means they have their issues, some baggage and have made mistakes. You know you’ve met a good man when he’s come out of some hard times successfully.

Fights back. When you’re wrong you’re wrong and if you’re dead wrong, don’t expect your guy to just let things slide. Don’t be so surprised if your guy pushes your buttons when you’re pushing his. And if he’s man enough to tell you the hard truth, listen. Tough love is still good love.

Works hard. Real men are ambitious and goal oriented. No matter class, ethnicity or opposition, you can count on a real man to get things done or die trying. The fight in a man makes him moreso than the money in his pocket.