Clipper Vibrations, Cuts Can Cause Tetanus – Doctor

Dr. Jawa Muhammad of the National Hospital Abuja, has advised Nigerians to regulate the vibration of their clippers to prevent accidental cuts that can lead to infection.

Muhammad, who is the Head of Nuclear Medicine Department at the hospital, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Thursday.

He said clipper cuts could expose the skin to incurable infections.

According to him, although clippers do not produce radiation, contact with it and the vibration it creates can damage the skin and cause ulcers and cancer.

“The good news is that the clipper does not emit radiation during use; the major health issue surrounding the use of clipper is the vibration that is caused and that is the vibration that actually cuts our hairs.

 ”If it is vibrating at a very high frequency then there is a chance that this might cause some damage to the skin.

“And one of the damage that you can get on the skin is that it causes what we call exploration of the skin, when you get a skin cut, and that skin cut opens a way for infection; it opens a way for other toxins to penetrate the skin like tetanus toxide.

“The other issue that the clipper vibration can cause is burns; especially if the clipper is being used for a long period of time to the tissue of the area.

“It”s not the cutting of the hair that causes the major effect, what causes the major effect is the contact of this vibration to skin.

Reduce the contact of the clipper to the skin,” he said.

Muhammed advised the public to use shaving sticks, shaving cream, or shaving powder for their needs instead of clippers to avoid skin infections.

According to him, the skin protects the body from infections and ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

He said, “If your skin is broken or damaged by clipper vibration, it will open the door for skin cancer.”