Another Twist In Cynthia Osokogu‘s Murder: The Pharmacist Was Set Up By The Police – Close friend

Nigerians are yet to recover from the shock and heavy blow the gruesome torture and death of Cynthia Osokogu dealt on them. Although the culprits has been brought to book and arraigned in Lagos Magistrate Court sitting in Yaba, concerned Nigerians still grieves over the inhuman act.







The duo that allegedly killed her was arraigned alongside two pharmacists, who sold the drug they allegedly used to murder the victim.

In the charge with suit number TA/52/2012 preferred against them by the prosecution, the defendants allegedly unlawfully injected an obnoxious substance known as Rohypnol Flunitrazepam, tablets, into a Ribena fruit juice drink and forcefully administered it to Cynthia, thereby causing bodily harm to the deceased.

The drug was alleged to have been purchased at Oxpharm Pharmacy, 32 Road, Festac Town, Lagos. Thus the pharmacist who sold the said drugs was arrested as an accomplice.

But there seem to be a twist of tale in the case of Chukwunonso Maduakor as a close friend who gave his name as Obiajulu claimed that former was set up by the police men in order to extort money from the family member.

He called upon the proper authorities to do a thorough investigation on the matter before nailing his friend
According to the mail he forwarded:

“Hi. My name is Obiajulu. I’m an ardent reader of your news updates& a personal friend of the accused; Maduakor Chukwunonso. He is in no way involved in this murder but the police who have refused to do their job properly have roped in this innocent man. During their investigation after Cynthia’s murder, the police disguised as an old man who had an accident approached the pharmacy where Nonso works asking for rohyphnol (a sedative/muscle relaxant drug) to help with the pain, & after much pleading, Nonso sold the drug to this man. Moments later the police swooped in and accused him of selling the drug to the criminals. Nonso is only an intern at the pharmacy. After all was said and done, the rapists did not identify Nonso as the said pharmacist that they bought the drug from, and instead of the police to release him they decided to extort Nonso’s family. They asked them to pay a huge sum of money.  They haven’t been able to pay and this is why my friend is suffering this predicament. He’s currently being held at Ikoyi Prison.”