When Security Personnel Threatened To Beat Up Iyabo Ojo At Muka Ray’s Event

n most places in the world, celebrities always want to enjoy free pass into any event. In any event one’s clique organises, there is no doubt that anything goes.


This may best explain why sexy but controversial Yoruba actress, Iyabo Ojo felt insulted when she was asked for passes to allow her ‘service’ guests get access into Muka Ray’s event held recently.

On Monday, August 20, 2012, Muka Ray, who is a very close pal of Iyabo, premiered his new flick, ‘Ashiru Ejire’ at the Multi-Purpose Hall located inside the premises of LTV 8, Ikeja, Lagos.

She did not have any problem getting access into the hall as the security personnel stationed at the entrance allowed her in. But hell was almost let loose when Iyabo insisted that two other guys she brought along with her, who had the shirt with the inscription on their backs ‘Crystal Events’ must be allowed in without passes.

The security personnel explained to Iyabo that he would not allow them in because he was instructed never to allow anybody without a pass in. This fell into Iyabo’s deaf ears as she insisted the two guys must be allowed in because she brought them to serve at the event.

The already angered security man then told Iyabo that he would have asked the actress to produce her IV, but only allowed her in based on self recognition. This angered Iyabo who then rained abuses on the security guy.

Unable to swallow the insults, the security operative threatened to beat up Iyabo Ojo if she continues with her rain of insults. He was then held by some policemen at the venue so as not to carry out his threat.

It took Muka Ray, who later came to Iyabo’s rescue, to calm the already over-angry security guy down. At the end of the day, they two guys were later allowed in.