Boko Haram Likely To Expand Reach – British Expert

Boko Haram is likely to expand its activities and cover more geographical areas in Nigeria, according to Elizabeth Donnelly, an expert on Africa and Africa Programme Manager at Chatham House, London.

Speaking in an interview with The Economist, Ms Donnelly, who is also an expert on Nigerian politics and current affairs, said the problems posed by the group was “not likely to be dealt with militarily.”

Ms Donnelly, who attributed the emergence of the group to corruption in Nigeria and the destruction of economic activities like textiles in the North and its attendant unemployment following the discovery of oil, said high-handedness by security agencies on the group made it more violent.

“Based on what happened over the years, the group will evolve and further expand its activities and geographical reach because, unfortunately, the government has not yet been able to check it.

“And what is interesting about Boko Haram and its affiliated groups is that it is hard to predict what it will do; it adapts, it changes and I think it will grow further.

“I don’t think this problem would be dealt with militarily. I think it can be contained. What is important to remember if we think of Boko Haram as a movement or group is that within it you will have hard-liners and moderates,” she said.

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