Student ties wrapper to class

Unizik Student Ties Wrapper To Class To Win 20,000 Naira BetA pre science student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (Mbaukwu Campus) shocked everybody on Thursday when he wore a wrapper to school.

The student who is in E2, earlier had a
bet with some guys in his lecture hall that he could wear a wrapper to school and the guys promised to give him N20,000 if he did.Guess what? The dude tookthe risk but lo and behold, after he stepped into his hall, the gals who could nothide their amusement started shouting, yelling and chanting.The noise eventually attracted the security officers to

the Hall and the boy was fished out & planked with heavy logs of wood.These action nearly stirred ariot in the school, as students detested the brutality saying the guy hadthe right to wear anything he chooses.