Kefee Eyes Nollywood

Delta State-born songstress, Kefee Obareki, has her eyes on Nollywood.Anytime soon, she will begin starring in movies.


This much she revealed in a chat with Saturday Beats during the week in Lagos.The Kokoroko crooner says, “There is nothing wrong with going into acting. Mr. Ibu (John Okafor) actually dragged me into Nollywood.He bought a form for me and dragged me into it. So yes, you will soon be seeing me in movies.”Does it then mean she is quitting music?No way, she replies strongly.Hear her: “I cannot quit music for anything. I may be the only one singing or acting but I do not work alone. I have people who work withme and try to get the best out of me. I have ideas and I bring them out and my people advise me on them. You cannot do everything alone.”Songs in the diva’s latest album, Chorus leader, are currently toppingthe charts.There is something that she has to say to women in abusive relationships: Get out fast while youstill have a chance.She is one artiste that has tasted the bitter side of love, having allegedly suffered domestic violenceand abuse in her previous marriage.But she told Saturday Beats that sheis very happy now.“I feel really fulfilled now. I am happier, I wake up early in the morning and I am happy and I thinkthat is the way life should be. Not to be living in fear of the unknown. My husband is a very nice guy. The bottom line is that I am happy. As far as I am concerned, this is the first time I am getting married,” shesaid.She told Saturday Beats that for a man to hit a woman means he can kill her.Keefee says, “Domestic violence wasbasically what destroyed my previous marriage. Like I will alwayssay, if you are in an abusive relationship, it is better you take a walk. It is because what the person is doing to you, he may not do it to another person. I have a lot of employees and I have studied them.“I know that there are things you doto someone and he can take but another person cannot. People are different. The person abusing you might not have the guts to do so to another person. Whatever will makea man to raise his hands to beat you, the man can actually kill you. The worst place to die is in a place like that; where you are supposed to be loved. It is better to die in thebattle front, or anywhere.There are a thousand and one ways to die but that is the worst place to die. Where you are supposed to be loved and cared for, you die there; it is the worst place ever. I do not think any woman should wait for that.“Look at me, I am an example. People are going to talk; they woulddefinitely say things that are going to hurt you. Things that can cause hypertension; look at Goldie now. A lot of people said nasty things abouther since she died. She had hypertension, now she is gone. You just have to live your life. As far as Iam concerned, people will definitely talk, whether you do right or wrong.When you know that you cannot please everybody in life, that is when you start living. That is as far as I am concerned.”